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Family Planning

At our VAST network of Georgia Family Planning System (GFPS) locationsour goal is to help individuals, couples, and families with every aspect of family planning.  We provide all birth control options to help you prevent becoming pregnant until you are ready.  We work with expectant mothers to help ensure healthy and positive outcomes after birth for both mom and baby.  We connect you and your family to healthcare information and preventative health services.

GFPS provides all FDA-approved contraceptive methods and related counseling.  We offer or connect women to breast and cervical cancer screenings, pregnancy testing, and counseling.  We offer screenings, treatment, and counseling for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and HIV/AIDS for women, men and adolescents.

Numerous birth control methods are available for you to consider. We can help you decide which contraceptive method works best for you. Some of the methods we offer include a pill you can take every day, a patch that you change once a week, or an IUD that provides at least five continuous years of effective birth control. Other contraceptive methods to consider are the cervical cap, Emergency Contraception, and the vaginal ring.  Your contraception choice depends on your family plans and the best method for you at this time in your life.

The only birth control methods that protect you from contracting an STI or HIV/AIDS are abstinence and condoms.  We encourage you to discuss STI and HIV/AIDS prevention at one of our Georgia based health centers or doctor's offices.

GFPS also offers services to help you maintain your reproductive health and fertility. Many factors affect your reproductive health including age, lifestyle and overall health. Other reproductive health services include Pap tests, urinary tract Infections, female and male reproductive cancers, amenorrhea (abnormal absence of your cycle) and more.

To schedule an appointment or if you have questions about birth control, family planning or your reproductive health, please contact the Family Planning Access Point closest to you.

Teen Friendly

The Georgia Family Planning System has teams of youth-friendly doctors, nurses and health educators that offer confidential reproductive and sexual health services to teens.

Growing up and understanding the changes in your body is not always easy. Our doctors and staff are here to help. We offer a safe place where you can learn how to make smart choices for your body and plan for a healthy future. Knowing is the smart choice.

Thinking about having sex?  Think you want birth control?  Think you are pregnant? Think you have an STI?  You don't have to guess or rely on your friends for answers.  Our doctors and staff are trained to answer your most sensitive and private questions.  The information you discuss and the services you receive are just between you and your doctor.  We are available to help you take the right steps to a brighter future.  Don’t be afraid to tell your doctor about anything happening with your body that does not feel or seem right to you.

Our Wide Range of Family Planning Solutions

Most Effective

  • Abstinence

    Not having sex is the only birth control method proven to prevent unwanted pregnancy and from preventing any sexually transmitted disease or infection.

  • Sterilization

    Surgical Sterilization for Women/Men

  • Implants

    A small rod that is put into your arm and keeps your ovaries from releasing eggs for three years.

  • IUD

    A piece of plastic shaped like a “t” that is put into your uterus to stop sperm from entering your uterus. The IUD can prevent pregnancy for up to twelve years.

  • Injectable

    A shot is given every three months in your arm or buttocks that keep your ovaries from releasing eggs.

Moderately Effective

  • Birth Control Pills

    A pill taken by mouth once a day, every day, that keeps your ovaries from releasing eggs and preventing pregnancy.


    A barrier method of birth control for a woman after she is fitted by her doctor and receives a prescription.

  • Patch

    A thin, square piece of plastic that sticks to your skin and keeps your ovaries from releasing eggs.

  • The Ring

    A small ring-shaped device that fits into your vagina and keeps your ovaries from releasing eggs.

Least Effective

  • Sponge

    A small plastic piece of foam that fits into your vagina and prevents sperm from entering your uterus.

  • Male Condom

    A thin layer of latex or non-latex that slides over the penis to stop sperm from entering your body.

  • Female Condom

    A latex pouch that fits into your vagina and extends outside the vagina to keep sperm from entering your body.

Additional Services

  • Preconception Health

    Healthcare you receive that prepares you for a healthy pregnancy in the future.

  • Pregnancy Testing

    A blood and/or urine test is taken to determine pregnancy.

  • Primary Healthcare Services

    Routine healthcare services that promote healthy lifestyles, early disease detection, disease prevention, and treatment.

  • STI Testing & Treatment

    Confidential sexually transmitted infection testing, treatment, and counseling for adults and teens.

  • Teen Clinic

    Youth-friendly centers that offer confidential reproductive and sexual health care services to young adults.

  • Fertility Awareness Methods

    Methods to track your period and ovulation cycles to help prevent pregnancy. These methods include the Calendar (Rhythm) Method, Cervical Mucus Method, and Basic Body Temperature Method.

  • HIV/AIDS Testing & Treatment

    Confidential testing, treatment, and counseling services for adult and adolescent males and females.

  • Preventative Services

    Focus on disease prevention and health maintenance. Services include immunizations, physical exams, and cancer screenings.

  • Basic Infertility Care

    These are services designed to support you and your partner if you are having difficulty conceiving. Basic infertility care should be sought if the desired pregnancy has not been achieved after having unprotected sex for at least six months.

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